National Bureau of Statistics: The average wage of employed persons in urban units maintained a steady growth last year

National Bureau of Statistics: The average wage of employed persons in urban units maintained a steady growth last year

National Bureau of Statistics: The average wage of employed persons in urban units maintained a steady growth last year
Sauna Night News According to the website of the National Bureau of Statistics, on May 15, Meng Canwen, deputy director of the Department of Demographic and Employment Statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics, interpreted the average wage data of employees in urban units in 2019.The title is as follows: The average wage of urban employees in 2019 maintains stable growth-Meng Canwen, deputy director of the Department of Demographic and Employment Statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics, interprets the average wage of urban employees in 2019. The economic and economic operations in 2019 are generally stable and stableThe employment index remained stable, and the average wages of employees in urban units across the country increased steadily.In 2019, the average annual salary of employees in urban non-private units in the country was 90,501 yuan, an increase of 9 over the previous year.8% (if not otherwise specified, the nominal growth rate is allowed compared to the previous year), replacing the price factor, the actual growth is 6.8%; the average annual salary of employees in urban civilian units is 53,604 yuan, an increase of 8 over the previous year.1%, excluding the price factor, the actual growth was 5.2%.First, the average wages in key industries in the mining and manufacturing fields continued to grow and the supply-side structural reforms continued to deepen. The results of the “three go, one drop, and one supplement” were further consolidated, driving the average wages of related industries to maintain a rapid growth trend.In 2019, the average wages of employees in the mining industry will grow rapidly, and the average annual wages of employees in urban non-private units and urban private units will increase by 11 respectively.8% and 12.7%.13.9%, 12.9%, 12.1% and 10.8%.The average wages of employees in the manufacturing industry have grown steadily, while the average annual wages of urban non-private units and urban private units have increased.4% and 7.3%.The average wages of employees in high-tech related manufacturing industries have increased rapidly.Among the urban non-citizen units, the average annual wages of employees in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry and railway, shipbuilding, aerospace and other transportation equipment manufacturing industries increased respectively.0% and 10.3%, respectively higher than the national average wage growth rate3.2 and 0.5 averages.The average wages of employed persons in some short-board areas have increased rapidly.Among urban non-civilian units, the average annual wages of employees in land management and water management increased by 23 respectively.4% and 13.3%, higher than the national average wage growth rate13.6 and 3.5 averages.Second, the steady growth of average wages in emerging industries such as science, education, information and transportation. The innovation-driven strategy has been implemented in depth. R & D is continuously expanding, and the distribution policy guided by the increase of knowledge value is implemented. A more flexible expenditure system, scientific research and higher employmentThe average salary of personnel has increased rapidly. The annual research and experimental development budget expenditure in 2019 increased by 10 compared with the previous year.5%, among urban non-civilian units, the average annual salary of employees in research and experimental development, science and technology promotion and application services, and higher education increased by 15 respectively.9%, 10.2% and 13.2%, higher than the national average wage growth rate6.1. 0.4 and 3.4 averages.The extensive penetration of information technology and the rapid development of online retailing have promoted an increase in the average salary of employees in related industries.In 2019, the online retail sales of physical goods nationwide increased by 19 compared with the previous year.5%, correspondingly, the average annual salary of employees in wholesale and retail industries in urban non-private units increased by 10%.5%, higher than the national average wage growth rate of 0.7 averages.At the same time, Internet applications are constantly evolving, related industries are developing rapidly, and the wages of employees are rapidly increasing.Among the urban non-citizen units, the average annual wage increase of employees in the information transmission, software and information technology service industries and the Internet and related service industries.6%, the growth rate is faster than the previous year 10.4 averages.Among urban civilian units, the average annual salary of employees employed in information transmission, software and information technology services increased.8%, the growth rate is faster than the previous year3.4 averages.With the improvement of transportation infrastructure, the flow of people and logistics has increased, and the average salary of employees in the transportation field has steadily increased.Among urban non-civilian units in 2019, the average annual salary of employees in the air transport industry and rail transport industry increased by 11 respectively.5% and 10.0%.Third, the average wages of industries related to public service and consumption upgrades have increased rapidly to the improvement of people’s living standards, the development of cultural undertakings and cultural industries has accelerated, and the average wages of employees in related industries have increased rapidly.In urban non-citizen units in 2019, the average annual wages of employees in radio, television, film and recording production, news and publishing industry increased by 13.7% and 13.4%.The people’s demand for light, multi-level health services is increasing, medical and health services are further developed, and the average salary of employees in the health and sports industries continues to increase.Among urban non-citizen units in 2019, the average annual salary of employees in health and social work increased by 11.0%, the growth rate is faster than the previous year 1.6 levels, of which the health industry increased by 12.2%, the growth rate accelerated 2.5 years; the average annual salary of employees in the sports industry increased by 10.0%.The average wages of employees in service industries related to residents’ living consumption continue to increase.Among the urban non-citizen units in 2019, the average annual wages of employees in electronic products and household products repair industry, residential service industry, and postal industry, which are closely related to people’s livelihood and consumption, respectively increased.6%, 10.8% and 10.4%, higher than the national average wage growth rate6.8. 1.0 and 0.6 averages.It should be noted that the increase in average wages is closely related to the economic benefits of enterprises and changes in the structure of personnel.The economic benefits of some industries have grown slowly. The average wage growth rate of its employees is slower than the overall wage growth rate. In some industries, the average wage growth rate of the industry has decreased due to the change in the structure of employees.Editor Peng Qihang Source: National Bureau of Statistics Original title: Meng Canwen, deputy director of the Department of Demographic and Employment Statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics, interprets the average wage data of employees in urban units in 2019

Hubble Investment, a subsidiary of Huawei, became a shareholder of Newport Coast.57%

Hubble Investment, a subsidiary of Huawei, became a shareholder of Newport Coast.57%
Recently, according to the first display of enterprises and enterprises, Huawei ‘s subsidiary investment company Hubble Technology Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hubble Investment) newly added foreign investment enterprise Xingang Coast (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xingang Coast).476.97.36 million yuan increased to 521.68.99 million yuan.Statistics show that Hubble Investment holds the Newport coast.With 57% equity, Wu Kunhong, senior vice president of Huawei ‘s global procurement, served as the director of the company ‘s third largest institutional shareholder.According to the company’s official website, Xingang Coast provides cost-effective integrated circuit products and solutions. It currently has two product lines of ultra-high-definition display and optical communications. The company’s headquarters is located in Beijing, and there are design centers in Beijing and Xi’an. The other branches are located inShenzhen and Hong Kong.On April 23 last year, Huawei established Hubble Investment, with Bai Yi, the president of Huawei’s Global Financial Risk Control Center, as the chairman. Currently, it has invested in 8 companies. The registered capital of Hubble Investment was significantly increased to 1.7 billion US dollars in January this year.Sauna, Ye Wang Lu Yifu Editor Zhao Ze proofreading Li Shihui

FPX successfully Nirvana has a script, S9 theme song has long been predicted

FPX successfully Nirvana “has a script”, S9 theme song has long been predicted
On the evening of November 10th, the League of Legends S9 World Finals was held in Paris. The Chinese team FPX3 defeated the G2 team 0-0, and won the championship in one fell swoop for the first time.The FPX team left the championship trophy in the LPL division.Although the official League of Legends photographer Imura Murakami entered the global finals with the LPL No. 1 seed, the FPX team was not optimistic because of the iG and RNG competitions.After all, the FPX team is still a “new player” in the global finals.However, as the “dark horse”, the FPX team still showed its superior strength and successfully won the long-awaited championship.Before the global finals, everyone explained that when predicting, no one predicted that FPX would eventually win the championship.But the theme song of the Global Finals became the “biggest prophet.”Several iconic characters also appeared in the theme song “Climbing the Ultimate World” at the S8 Global Finals last year: Perkz of G2, Jane Pride of RNG (ID: Uzi) and Li Xianghe of SKT (ID: Faker), but last year ‘s championIt was taken away by iG.The theme song of this year’s Global Finals is called “Nirvana”, and the English name is phoenix, which happens to be the meaning of Phoenix Nirvana. Although the FPX team did not appear in the MV, the FPX logo is the Phoenix of Nirvana’s rebirth.In the end, the “Little Phoenix” FPX team also successfully won the championship.

Dongye Guiwu’s Corridor Pavilion will be made into a domestic drama, starring Deng Jiajia and Zhang Xincheng

Dongye Guiwu’s “Corridor Pavilion” will be made into a domestic drama, starring Deng Jiajia and Zhang Xincheng
On January 13th, the official drama of the TV series “Hall of Corridor” announced that Deng Jiajia and Zhang Xincheng would join the show as the leading role.It is reported that “Cloister Pavilion” is adapted from Higashino Keigo’s novel “Curse Pavilion Murder Case”.The play has been officially launched recently.The official micro picture of the TV series “Hall of Pavilion”.The picture comes from the Internet “Hall of the Corridor Pavilion” is a novel triggered by the long article of Keigo Higashino. It is called the generation of entrepreneurs. At the time of a significant death, the Japanese-style hotel Corridor Pavilion that he operated has happened several times in succession.Shocking tragedy: his personal secretary Kiryu Zhilizi suffered a stupefied coma. Zhilizi’s boyfriend Li Nakajiro suspected of killing himself and burned himself, and shortly after Gao Xian’s death, the niece Yuka who came to mourn also suffered the murderer who broke into the nightStabbed to death.As the key figures died one by one, the conspiracy behind the whole incident became clearer and clearer — aiming at all these murderers behind the scenes, it was apparently directed at the huge legacy.Everyone in the original family looked at each other, and accidentally involved in this entangled interest, the outsider, Kikuyo Mo, what was her true identity and purpose . Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He, editor Tong Na proofreading Guo Li

Sports Morning News: Zhou Qi was injured and sent to hospital, the referee helped the home team score

Sports Morning News: Zhou Qi was injured and sent to hospital, the referee helped the home team score
Last night this morning there were not many games but accidents happened. Xinjiang male basketball player Zhou Qi fell injured in the CBA regular season and was rushed to the hospital. He was said to be seriously injured; a strange scene occurred in the home game of Manchester City at home against Sheffield United.The referee misaligned the position and “helped” the home team to score a goal . Zhou Qi was taken to the hospital after being injured.[Injury]Zhou Qi was injured in the game and was rushed to the hospital last night. The Xinjiang men’s basketball team beat the Qingdao team 128 to 125 in the CBA regular season.Zhou Qi was injured in the first quarter of the game and was taken to the hospital by ambulance.In the first quarter of the game, Zhou Qi was shaken when defending the opponent’s bottom corner three points. After taking off the cover, his body lost his balance and fell heavily on the ground. After confirming that he could not play, he was helped out of the field and was immediately sent to the local hospital for further examination.It is understood that Zhou Qi injured his waist and his injuries were more serious.Zhou Qi lost her center of gravity after jumping and fell to the ground.[Battle]Liverpool won 10 consecutive wins at home to capture the wolfAfter winning 10 straight games, he still leads with 13 points.In this game, Liverpool broke the deadlock in the 42nd minute, Van Dyke made a long pass, Lallana stopped the ball on the right shoulder and ferried, and Mane pushed the net into the net.After repeated review, VAR judges that the budget is valid.Mane scored the only goal of the game.[Unexpected]The referee mishandled to help Manchester City score this morning. In the 20th round of the Premier League, Manchester City won 2-0 at home to Sheffield United. Aguero scored and De Blaunet shot.In this game, Manchester City did not play well at home, and did not break the deadlock until the second half, and the goal process was very strange.In the 52nd minute of the game, Sheffield United passed in the backcourt, but the referee Cavano’s position just disturbed the Sheffield United player who was about to catch the ball, causing him to stop the ball to De Braun.The Belgian midfielder seized the opportunity to quickly connect with Aguero, with an extra shot, the score became 1-0.Sheffield United players and coaches are very dissatisfied with this, because the referee Cavano’s improper position caused the score.The referee’s improper running position interfered with the game.Beijing News Editor Han Shuangming proofreads Wu Xingfa

Affected by the postponed resumption of work in the upstream and downstream, Yisheng shares dropped half of its chick income in February

Affected by the postponed resumption of work in the upstream and downstream, Yisheng shares dropped half of its chick income in February
On the evening of March 8, Shandong Yisheng Breeding & Poultry Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Yisheng Shares”) released a report on the sales of chickens in February 2020.In the same month, Prosperity Co., Ltd. achieved sales revenue of 7645 for chicks.810,000 yuan, a decrease of 41.45%, down by 50 every year.46%.On March 9th, Yisheng shares expanded and merged, and when the publication was terminated, the decline was more than 5%.In February 2020, Yisheng shares sold 3188 chickens.400,000, down 9 from the previous month.32%, up 52 every year.22%; realized sales income of 7645.810,000 yuan, a decrease of 41.45%, down by 50 every year.46%.Yisheng shares pointed out that the number of chicken sales in February exceeded its expected growth, and the number of parent breeder chickens increased. In addition to the acquisition of Yantai Yichun Breeding Poultry Co., Ltd., production capacity was released.Regarding the decline in sales of chicken seedlings, Yisheng said that in the first half of February, due to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic and other factors, slaughterhouses, feed mills and other enterprises postponed the resumption of work, causing the sales price of chickens to fall.Since the second half of February, with the mitigation of the epidemic, the slaughterhouses and feed mills have resumed work, and the sales price of commercial chicks has continued to rise, but the average monthly sales price has increased and the month-on-month is still in a state of decline, which has affected the monthly sales revenue.Sauna, Ye Wang Wang Siyang editor Li Yan proofreading Chen Diyan

Yu Yang: Hero’s gallbladder shocked the set

Yu Yang: Hero’s gallbladder shocked the set
In the 1950s, Yu Yang studied at the Beijing Film Academy’s performance training class. After two years of study, Soviet experts gave him an evaluation: Yu Yang, you are a big ship, and the big ship should sail in the sea.In the history of Chinese film, Yu Yang has shaped many classic tough guys. Zeng Tai, the chief of the reconnaissance section in “Hero’s Gallbladder”, Zhao Sihai, the chief of the furnace in “The Fiery Age”, and Liu, a police officer in “Handcuffed Travelers”Jie and others, but in real life, Yu Yang, who is from Shandong, is also upright and upright, and it is precisely because of these personality traits that it makes his character more handy.Yu Yang ‘s birthday: October 4, 1930 Birth place: Huang County, Shandong Province Former name: Yu Yanjiang Work unit: Beijing film studio screen, life is a tough guy In 1945, 15-year-old Yu Yang took the revolutionary path under the guidance of his brotherHe worked as a public security frontline investigator, and participated in the land reform, the Siping defense battle, the Changchun annihilation battle, and the cross-river battle. These revolutionary battle careers tempered his will and accumulated a wealth of life materials for his future acting career.Yu Yang is a typical Shandong Han. He is a good hand when he is doing school work. When someone else carries a sack of grain, he has to stack another bag.One year in the Northeast rural filming, the villagers reported that animals such as bears were often seen at night. In order to eliminate harm to the fellows and improve the food for the film crew, Yu Yang discussed with his colleagues to remove the bears.Because New China was not established at the time, live ammunition was necessary at the time.There was a movement in the night. Yu Yang got up with his colleagues and lay on the window. The black shadow outside was just a few shots. After waiting for a while to confirm, he found that the fellow cattle were killed, so Yu Yang was also punished.Yu Yang in life needs to be strong, and the same is true when filming.In 1949, in the “Chinese Daughter” directed by Ling Zifeng, there was a very thrilling shot of the bridge, asking the actor to climb onto the Songhua River Bridge, put explosives, and then jump off the river bridge a few meters high.The director asked Yu Yang if he dared to jump. Yu Yang said that the soldiers of the year dared to jump. Why didn’t I dare to jump.After that, Yu Yang was already standing on the Jiangqiao.For the sake of insurance, the director asked to check the situation of the river before the shooting. The stunt department launched the inspection and found that the seemingly calm water actually contained broken military vehicles and hulls left by Japanese invaders. If they jumped, it was very dangerous.In the end, the director came up with a way to build a bridge pier over a dozen meters high in Changchun, and dug a large pit underneath. There was a lot of grass in it. When jumping across the bridge, the camera would do everything.The day before the filming, the director asked Yu Yang to take a look. Yu Yang said, no problem.At that time, there was no substitute for making movies, but for Yu Yang, who likes to take risks, he got a chance to vent in the movie. “The hard environment in the war years has come. What are you afraid of making movies?”In 1974, Yu Yang starred in “The Fiery Age”, and he perfectly shaped the characteristics of Zhao Sihai, the director of the Gao Daquan. Some commented that Yu Yang’s facial features were full, full of righteousness, and stood a tall green pine.Many of the lines in the film, such as “we do it ourselves” and “you are numb,” lie in the mouth of Yang Yang.”Hero Tiger Gallbladder” uses action to interpret psychological dramas. Yu Yang has shaped the image of countless tough guy heroes on the screen, the brave and fearless anti-union soldiers in “Chinese Daughters”, and the bloody militia captain in “Guo Bao”, “GoingThe steel-making workers in New China, the tough and unyielding old police investigator Liu Jie in The Traveler with a Hand Replacement, etc. Among them, Zeng Tai, the chief of the reconnaissance section in “Heroic Tiger Gallbladder,” especially made his reputation.Yu Yang plays Zeng Tai, the chief of the reconnaissance and reconnaissance section in “Heroic Tiger Gallbladder”.Because the role of Zeng Tai has two identities, one is the chief of the reconnaissance section of the People’s Liberation Army, and the other is the deputy commander of the bandit army. In the plot, Zeng Tai cannot reveal his identity as the chief of the reconnaissance section.So after discussing the script with the director’s screenwriter, Yu Yang set a tone for this character: let me play the deputy commander of the Kuomintang. I have to be like the Kuomintang. I can’t put a post on my body and say that I am a member.According to this setting, Yu Yang abandoned the conceptualized performance and performed a subtle transition between the two identities.There is a scene in which Zengtai interrogates Geng Hao, the most intense of the five interrogations.The performance skills of this drama are particularly great. It may be necessary to cover up the contradictions in the trial of his colleagues, or even to examine a participant like a real deputy commander.Yu Yang was particularly nervous when filming the scene, sweating on his forehead and shaking his hands when lighting cigarettes. These were not designed, but a true emotion.There is also a very challenging psychological scene in the film. Zeng Tai found that his comrade-in-arm Geng Hao was seen by the enemy and walked anxiously around the room like an ant on a hot pot.This was filmed by director Yan Jizhou with a long lens that lasted for several minutes. During the performance, Yu Yang walked from close to far, and then back to close. There is no line of speech, it is all based on action expressions. It takes effort in performance. DirectorWhen it was said that the movie was filmed in the foreign country, there was a burst of passion in his eyes.Zeng Tai, played by Yu Yang, has a very high personal charm and is liked by many audiences. At that time, Yu Yang received up to 40 or 50 letters a day.However, because of this movie, Jiang Qing commented that Yu Yang “acted more like a bandit than a bandit”, so that he was criticized during the “Cultural Revolution”.In addition to acting, you can also direct and create theme songs. In the 1950s and 1960s, it was good for an actor to make one movie a year. Yu Yang made 4 movies in 1959, “Flying Over the Sky” and “Water Spring and Autumn””Food” and “Song of Youth” ushered in the peak of his creative career.He doesn’t like the stagnant state of creation. “I prefer rivers to rivers over small bridges.”When filming “Water Spring and Autumn”, Yu Yang soaked in the swimming pool for two months. He worked out with the swimmers in the sports academy. After some hard training, he even successfully shaped the image of breaststroke world champion Hua Xiaolong.The coach’s professional and high-intensity swimming training, the 100-meter breaststroke has a good score of 1 minute 46 seconds, which reached the national level three swimmer standard at that time.When filming “Flying Over the Sky”, he had to live with pilots every day at the Xijiao Airport. In those years, he lived a rich life, being an athlete for a while and a pilot for a while, but it was all a process of creating roles.”Traveler Wearing a Trolley” is a representative work of Yu Yang in the later period of film creation. It is adapted from a report reviewing the “Cultural Revolution” and directed by Yu Yang.In the original report, the background of the story is northwest, and Yu Yang changed the background of the story to near Kunming in the southwest. It is located in the subtropics, with beautiful scenery and beautiful photos.The little boy in his story, Wei Xiaoming, changed into a Dai girl, later played by Cai Ming, who could just put on Dai clothes, which was very ethnic.Yu Yang also participated in the creation of many movie lines, and there is a line in the film “Look at the world with a big top, everything is reversed” was changed by him personally.Because Yu Yang himself experienced the “Cultural Revolution”, sometimes it was difficult to shoot and shoot. He thought that the movie should be a good song to highlight the friendship of the war, and he found the composer Wang Liping to create a familiar one.The theme song “Camel Bell”, this song describing the friendship of war was not mainstream at the time, but has been sung to this day.Tu Juhua, the art designer of “Traveler Wearing a Trolley”, revealed that director Yu Yang was in the film’s script creation and theme song sauna, and night net editor Teng Chao edited Wu Longzhen to proofread Zhai Yongjun

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Beijing Branch to create a first move quality and show the first move role

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Beijing Branch to create a “first move” quality and show the “first move” role
This year’s ICBC Beijing Branch’s “2020 Service First” theme activities mainly include “Five Actions”.  A few days ago, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Beijing Branch fully launched the “2020 Service First” theme activity.It is understood that since the beginning of the year, the bank has put the protection of the safety and health of the people first, continued to increase financial service support, and warmly waited with the capital society and the people to fight against the “epidemic”.At present, with the arrival of the normal stage of epidemic prevention and control, the economic and social development of the capital area is gradually on track.Relying on the theme of the transformation of “2020 Service First”, the bank adheres to the attitude of serving the people, implements the customer first philosophy, strives to realize the normalization of epidemic prevention and control and supports economic and social development.Promote development to show the actions and responsibilities of large state-owned banks.  The reporter learned that as a personal state-owned large bank with more than 31 million personal clients and more than 300,000 public clients, ICBC Beijing Branch insisted on “financial for the people” and “customer first” as the core business concept and cultural essence, focusing on the capitalThe people’s growing need for a better life strives to build “People’s Satisfaction Bank” and “Customer First Bank.””One theme a year” relay service improvement is a major feature of ICBC’s services that continue to maintain vitality.Fundamentally, the ICBC Beijing Branch has successively launched the theme activities of “Warm Service Satisfaction in Beijing” and “Serve the People to the End” to further promote service improvement.For example: Newly launched the “37 degree” warm heart hall, empowered by the outlet team, optimized service details, and improved the customer service experience of the store; launched a convenient service project containing more than 20 items, gradually building 481 “ICBC post stations”;A new generation of smart outlets, put into operation the flagship flagship store of the Financial Street Smart outlets, and the flagship flagship store of “integration of industry and finance” in the business room of the branch of the development zone.The application and new service scenarios are in a leading position; in the establishment of the China Banking Association’s “Best 100” in 2019, the bank’s Tongzhou Xinhua branch was successfully evaluated with outstanding leadership, becoming the first in Beijing’s urban deputy center areaAward-winning banking outlets.  It is understood that this year’s ICBC Beijing Branch’s “2020 Service First” theme activities mainly include “Five Actions”.Action of Goose Array: Adhere to the promotion of services by party building, create a service pattern of aspiration and synergy, and give full play to the leading role of grass-roots party organizations and party members, and strive to create a high-quality service brand.Heart-warming action: build a “37-degree heart-warming hall”, accelerate the upgrade of customer service experience, optimize service “connection”, “peak end” details and online service experience, and incorporate “warm heart” services into all channels and all products, The whole process; research on the characteristics of elderly customers, foreign exchange business, government services and other service methods and unified promotion.Focus rectification actions: Promote deep governance of service experience shortcomings, reorganize customer request circulation and processing structure, improve service request resolution quality; adapt to normalized epidemic prevention and control measures, sort out and solve the pain points of store service experience.Word-of-mouth promotion actions: actively connect with Beijing ‘s government service platform, implement government cooperation projects that meet the needs of regional customer groups, and contribute to government affairs processing, resume work and resume production, and help overcome poverty; upgrade the brand connotation of “ICBC Post” and integrate community convenienceThe service function of government affairs for the people and public welfare benefits the people, and strengthens the close relationship with the residents.Operational assistance: Focusing on retailing in the metropolitan area, the financial needs of all customers such as the public, strive to support more diversified, more flexible, and more solid financial services, and play a major role in serving the real economy and people ‘s lives.Vanguard role.  On the basis of the “five actions”, the bank simultaneously adopted the “eight synergistic improvements”, mainly including customer service experience upgrade, retail business experience improvement, promotion of branch process optimization, improvement of foreign exchange service quality, extension of government service functions, and enhancement of branch staff empowerment, Establish a “horizontal and vertical” structure to improve the satisfaction of credit card services.These improvements proactively adapt to the trend of gradually accelerating the migration of customer service to online, promote the in-depth development of full-range services, promote the application of linkage scenarios, and realize the integration of omni-channel, full-product, and full-process experience.New experience and new ecology of breakpoints.  The bank said that the journey of serving the people has no end.In the future, the bank will continue to forge ahead, forge ahead, adhere to the work guidance of “high starting point breakthrough, high position recognition, high standard guidance, high level management, improved service”, and always maintain the consciousness and responsibility of “going again and again”On the basis of normalizing the prevention and control of the epidemic situation, highlighting the financial temperature, playing a strong voice of the ICBC, and serving the needs of the people of the capital for a better life at a higher level.

[Cucumber Vermicelli Soup]_How to make_How to make

銆 愰 粍 鐡 鐡 鐆 Mongoliao 銆 慱 樱 賝 宝 箞 歘 傘 傡 傘 傡 傍 綍 锅?
鐢变簬榛勭摐鐨勮嚜韬懗閬撻潪甯搁矞缇庯紝鎵€浠ュ湪浣跨敤榛勭摐鍋氭堡鐨勬椂鍊欐槸涓嶉渶瑕佹斁鍛崇簿鐨勩€傚洜涓洪粍鐡滈矞缇庣殑鍛抽亾锛屽彲浠ョ洿鎺ヨ瀺鍏ュ埌姹や腑锛屽洜姝ら粍鐡滄堡涔熸槸涓嶅皯浜洪兘鍠滄鍠濈殑涓€閬撴堡銆傝€屽湪鍋氶粍鐡滄堡鐨勬椂鍊欎笉浠呭彲浠ユ斁鐨泲锛屽叾瀹炶繕鍙互鏀惧叆涓€浜涚矇涓濄€傛斁鍏ョ矇涓濈殑璇濆氨鎴愪簡榛勭摐绮変笣姹わ紝閭d箞榛勭摐绮変笣姹ょ殑鍋氭硶鍙堟槸浠€涔堝憿? 涓€銆侀粍鐡滅矇涓濇堡 椋熸潗锛氶粍鐡滃垏鐗囥€侀浮铔嬩竴椤嗐€佸涓濆皯瑷便€佺矇涓濅竴鎶娿€佺洂鑷繁鏂熼厡銆傚仛娉曪細1銆佺叜涓€閿呮按銆侀粍鐡滅墖銆侀浮铔嬨€佸銆佺悍涓濄€傜矇涓濊寰椾簨鍏堟场姘淬€傛按绋嶆哺鑵惧悗鏀惧叆濮滀笣銆?銆佺叜涓€浼氬効鏀惧叆榛勭摐鐗囥€傛妸铔嬫墦鏁c€佸姞鍏ョ洂銆佷竴鐐圭偣姘?鍗冧竾鍒)铔嬩細鏇村鍝︺€?銆佸欢鐫€閿呰竟鎶婅泲鍊掑叆(涓嶈鎼呭姩!What are you talking about?叜 30 掞 麏 鍏 Chongzhi (Yu Yi father reading ) 銆?You are in the middle of the field, and you are in the middle of the drama. (Don’t you tweet?What is the difference between 3 and 3?嗒 嗛 悩 宸 ﹀ 彸!鐢ㄦ偠鐨勭礇绲叉墠涓嶆渻鐓垱锛岀編鍛充笂妗屻€?浜屻€佽眴鑵愮櫧钀濆崪涓濇堡 鏉愭枡锛氬璞嗚厫1鍧楋紝鐧借悵鍗滐紝棣欒彍锛岀洂3鍏嬨€傚仛娉曪細1銆佸璞嗚厫鍒囩墖鍚庢敼鍒€鎴愮矖缁嗗潎鍖€鐨勪笣锛屾斁鍦ㄥ姞浜嗙洂鐨勬俯姘翠腑娴告场銆?銆佺櫧钀濆崪娲楀噣鎿︿笣锛岄鑿滃垏纰庛€?Mobaoguiwen Yi Qiang Ping eng Aikunsuoxin Pindarenli Gerenliguan Yunbaomoci Changtichubao Yangtongfuzun  Xiao 10 Rouxian Zhaniechongchang Tichubaoyue An Guaixinxijiang銆?銆佺唲鐏悗璋冨叆鐩愬拰棣欒彍锛屾悈鎷屽潎鍖€鍚庡姞鐩栫剸绾?鍒 嗛 挓 鍗 冲劲 銆?涓夈€侀搏楸艰悵鍗滀笣姹?I am afraid that you will be able to find out how to do it. If you want to use it, you will be able to find out how to use it. If you want to use it, please follow the instructions below.敓绮夈€傚仛娉曪細1.椴奔瀹版潃銆佹礂鍑€锛岀敤鐢熺矇杞昏交铇搁亶鍏ㄨ韩銆?.鐧借悵鍗滄礂鍑€銆佸垏涓濄€?.Are you sure you’re a good friend?。閿呭唴鏀炬补锛屾斁椴奔鐓庤嚦涓ら潰閲戦粍锛屾斁钁便€佸銆佹枡閰掔垎棣欙紝鏀惧紑姘寸叜娌革紝澶х伀鐓?闒 嗛 揓 Tweezers fortified chopped 頠 頠 诧 纴 qi  琬 鐏  叜 10 鍒 嗛 抓 銆.寰呴奔鐓€忥紝鏀剧櫧钀濆崪涓濄€佺伀鑵夸笣鐣ョ叜锛屾斁鐩愩€侀浮绮俱€佽儭妞掔矇璋冨懗鍗冲彲銆?

[Brine trotter recipe]_ Marinated trotter _ how to mix _ ingredients

[Brine trotter recipe]_ Marinated trotter _ how to mix _ ingredients

Pork trotters are a variety of nutritious foods. In addition, they taste very special, so there are many people who like to eat pork trotters. The food introduced today is brine pig trotters. If you want to make brine trotters yourself,The following methods need to be understood.

First, the main ingredients of brine pig trotter recipe is 700 grams of pork trotter, 300 grams of fat, 40 grams of pork (lean), 20 grams of seasoning wine, 20 grams of soy sauce, 20 grams of white sugar, and 10 grams of salt. Production method: 1.

Remove the internal bones and orthopedic bones of the pig’s feet, keep the foot skin in the shape of pig’s feet, remove the lean muscle, and then slice 15 cm, 5 cm wide, and 5 mm thick pieces of meat, then use 10 grams of raw soy and 5 grams, 10 grams of sugar, 5 grams of refined salt, 10 grams of 10 wine pickles for 15 minutes, pick them up, hang them with a barbecue ring, remove them when they are baked in the oven, and then cool them with a knife to flatten them into 10 cm long and 5 cm wide2 mm thick pieces of meat, add the remaining soy sauce, sugar, refined salt, fenji marinate for 15 minutes and set aside.


Lay the skin of the pig’s feet down, sandwich the lean and iced meat into a “Kirin” shape, and put it in the pig’s feet. Turn the skin of the pig’s feet inward, and then use two pieces of about 15 cm.With two pieces of 5 cm wide wooden boards, lift it from the knees with a straw rope to the toes, and trim the pork skin on the knees to the meat, and stuff the cut meat into the toes, so thatThe hooves are plump, complete and smooth.


Put the tied hooves into the brine tank, soak them in gentle heat for 30 minutes and take them out. Use a special nail plate to make holes, and then put them back into the brine tank to immerse them.The position of the rope is tied back to the original position. After being tied, the rope is put back into the brine tank for a while, and it is taken out and cooled.

Second, the practice of brine trotters 1.

The trotters were cut into pieces by the shop, washed after returning, chopped green onions, and sliced with ginger 2.

Add the trotters to the cold water pot and cook for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Add the aniseed and spring onion to the pan and stir-fry the ginger slices 4.

When you smell the aroma, pour into trotters 5.

At this time, add cooking wine to remove the fishy smell, then add raw soy sauce, old soy sauce and rock sugar.

Now you have to stir fry constantly, and the fire must be adjusted to medium heat, because the rock sugar may melt when it melts.

When you fry for about 5 minutes, you can see that the trotters are covered with a bright and beautiful sauce color, and the trotters are colored.

Transfer to a hot pot, add water that has not been through the trotters, and add an appropriate amount of old soy sauce until you see the color you like.

Stew for about 1 hour, you can add a little bit of salt (the use of a Zhuangliren pot, if you use a casserole, it will take more than double the time). 3, the bench stewed pig’s feet material: two pig legs, large gingerOne, one whole garlic (with more than ten petals), one chive, seasoning: 1/2 bowl of table soy sauce, white sugar, 1 large spoon, rice wine 1/5 rice bowl practice: 01.

Peel the pig’s feet, wash and cut into sections (pork skins in Taiwan are very thin, so there is not much auntie, so it is not too greasy to eat). Chives only keep the onion white, garlic peeled, ginger peeled and cut into pieces.


Put cold water in the pot and boil the pork feet.


After boiling, see foaming and turning off, pour the water, and clean the pig’s feet (the pot is too small and some pig’s feet have been put in first) 04.

Prepare tabletop soy sauce 1/2 bowl of sugar 1 major rice wine 1/5 rice bowl 05.

Put a small amount of oil in the wok. The cold oil will scallion, garlic, and ginger until the skin is slightly yellow.


Put the smashed ginger, onion and garlic in the bottom of the pot, and then put the washed pork feet into the table top soy sauce 1/2 large bowl of sugar 1 large rice wine 1/5 rice bowl, a large bowl of water (finally keep the waterThe amount is only half of the water level of the pig’s feet. It is divided into ordinary braised pig’s feet which are all covered with water.
The braised pig’s feet smelt like this, but it ‘s not as good as the soft and rotten pig’s feet. Xiaobaijia is the favorite to eat this kind of flexible pig’s feet.I really wanted to add some more water, Xiaobai insisted that he didn’t let Jia say what his dad would do.
Then there is no more water, half of the pot of braised pig’s feet. After the high heat is boiled, turn to low heat and slowly braise the pig’s feet.
Finally, until the juice is collected, leave only a layer of water on the bottom of the pot to make it dry.